Why You Should Monitor Your Credit

Let’s state up front that you don’t need a credit monitoring service to stay on top of your credit status. For people who are diligent and deliberate in monitoring their own credit, they can do so by accessing a free credit report from each of the credit bureaus once per year.

An Emergency Fund for Life Unexpected

One of the first lessons of finance we are taught, by our parents or through some basic personal finance course, is to make creating an emergency fund our top priority. Having a reserve of cash equivalent to six to 12 month’s worth of living expenses is considered the most fundamental principal of financial security.

Don’t Like Where You are Financially? Change Your Behavior

When people decide that they need to eat healthier or lose weight, they know that they have to change their behavior. That’s easier said than done for most, which is why programs like Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers are so popular; because they provide a system for automatically controlling portions and nutrition.

Not Just for the Older Crowd: Powers of Attorney for the 18+ Year Old

If your child, or someone close to you has a child turning 18 and will be heading off to school in the Fall, or if you already have a child attending college, you may want to consider having that young adult sign Powers of Attorney for Healthcare and Financial decisions. Although your 18-Year-Old may still be a kid in your eyes, that’s probably not how your State sees it.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Personal Finances

Much is written on the “biggest financial mistakes” that people make with helpful tips for avoiding them. We’re used to seeing many common examples of how people can get themselves in trouble through certain activities, such as charging up credit cards, making minimum interest payments, buying cars new rather than used, not shopping auto insurance plans, etc.

Creating Your Own Online Security Breach, Inadvertently

When we think about digital security our focus is usually centered on protecting our private information from breaches which can ultimately lead to identity theft.   In fact, most of what we see reported in the news related to digital security focuses on this aspect too.  But have you ever given thought to the negative consequences of what we share willingly online, about ourselv

A Secret Weapon in Surviving Divorce

At Thrive Wealth Management, we are always looking for current and relevant educational opportunities to help our clients through life events. One of them being the financial impact of divorce.

With divorce rates hovering around 50% and clients requesting guidance, Steve decided to obtain the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (CDFA™) designation.

Steve Erfle's Radio Debut

Today, Steve Erfle had the opportunity to speak on a local radio show called "Legally Speaking". The show airs on WNPV AM 1440 every Wednesday at 11:10am. An attorney with Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford invited Steve as a guest to talk about financial planning.

Are Emotions Controlling Your Personal Finances?

If any good came out of the financial crisis and the Great Recession, it is that it made many of us become more financially literate and more aware of the need to pay attention to our finances. We now think before making purchases and we are better at prioritizing our expenditures.

White House Proposing to Change 529 College Savings Plans

President Obama proposed a new plan this week to simplify the tax code and help the middle class. The plan would alter our typical advice of contributing significant amounts to 529 college savings plans. Click here to read more about the plan.

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